About us

Linea Agua Termal

Aim: Quality

Our concern for the maximum quality of our products and an active R&D policy are the cornerstones of our commitment to customers and those who use our products. In order to achieve our goals, we are constantly investing in the R&D of potentially new products as well as the improvement of existing ones.

Aldem Farma performs exhaustive controls in the production process: raw materials, packaging, logistics... the entire process is subject to strict controls, both human and technological.

Aldem. Cosmética Farmacéutica

Customer Service

In the interests of our customers, we have created a Customer Service Centre, where you the customer can perform all manner of enquiries and solicit a wide range of information in a rapid, practical and efficient manner via e-mail: aldem@aldem.es

You may also present your enquiries via the following Customer Service Line:

+34 968 100 6500